Protection officer

The staff member of the CGRS who questions you during the interview and who handles your case.

Forced return

If a foreign national does not comply with an order to leave the territory, he or she may be forcibly removed. In order to perform the repatriation, the foreign national may be transferred to a detention centre or residential unit.

Voluntary return

Applicants for international protection and persons without legal residence can return voluntarily to their country of origin at any time. Fedasil is the Agency which helps them: they receive a flight ticket and the necessary support during the trip.

Residence status

The residence status determines the conditions under which a person may reside in Belgium. It can be temporary or permanent.

All residence statuses are subject to rights and restrictions. Among other things, the status determines whether you can work here; whether you can travel to another country; whether you can bring family members.

People smuggler

Someone who illegally brings people across borders for a high fee. They usually provide transport, food, shelter, and (forged) documents. People smugglers demand a lot of money for this. Some people smugglers abandon their customers.

Registered letter

A letter where the sender receives a proof of sending from the post office. A letter is usually sent by registered mail if it is an important letter.

Domestic violence

Violence committed in the domestic or family circle. The violence does not necessarily happen at home.

Collection calendar

The collection calendar of the municipality shows when your waste will be collected. For example: on Monday: paper and cardboard, on Wednesday: PMD.


A fine is a sum of money that you need to pay if you have committed an offence. For example: a fine for speeding while driving.

Electronic foreign national card

If you are not a Belgian national and you have the right to reside in Belgium, you will receive an electronic identity card for foreign nationals.