Volunteer work

Free work, usually with a social dimension.

Residence procedure

A procedure that is started in order to obtain a right of residence in Belgium.


A person older than 18 years old.


The place in a reception centre where people under 18 sleep and live together and where supervisors are present and supervise.

Certificate of family composition

The certificate of family composition is an extract from the population register that lists all persons who are part of the same family.

Reception place

The place in a reception centre or a local reception initiative that Fedasil assigns to you. In the reception location you have the right to a place to sleep, food, support, etc.


A person who lives in the reception centre.


A Belgian charity that provides emergency material, medical and psychosocial assistance to homeless people in the Brussels Region and the surrounding municipalities.


Those who depend on you materially. You may have dependent children or other persons (parents).

Ban on assembly

All gatherings of more than 2 people that are not members of the same (nuclear) family are banned.