Seasonal work

Work done only during a short and limited period of the year. Examples of seasonal work in Belgium are fruit picking and harvesting vegetables.
A seasonal worker is a man or a woman who does a seasonal job. The employer often provides temporary housing for the seasonal worker. 


A vaccine includes an element of the virus itself. When we vaccinate people, we introduce an element of the virus into the human body, usually via an injection. Injecting an element of the virus into your body makes it create antibodies to the virus.


Refers to a person's biological sex. It is about the physical characteristics you were born with. You can be born male, female or intersex. 

Gender identity

Your gender identity refers to how you feel inside. Your inner feeling can be masculine, feminine, both or neither. When someone feels both male and female or neither, the person may identify as non-binary. If someone is born with the female or male sex and also feels female or male, we call it cisgender. Transgender people feel that the sex they were born with does not match how they identify, behave and feel. Your gender identity can also change over time; this is called gender fluidity

Gross salary

The amount of salary before taxes are paid on it


The action of leaving, especially to start a journey.

Social worker

An employee of the reception centre or the CPAS/OCMW who provides you with information and accompanies you during your stay in the reception centre or the house of the CPAS/OCMW. You can ask your social worker questions about your procedure, your stay in Belgium and your return to your country of origin.

Geneva Convention

The Convention on Refugees (1951) was signed by 150 countries, including Belgium. By signing the convention, these countries pledged to protect anyone who is not protected in their own country. Based on this convention, a person can be recognised as a refugee. Refugees must meet the following conditions: be outside their own country, have reason to fear persecution and be unable or unwilling to ask for protection from their own country. The reason for persecution must be one of the following: race, religion, nationality, political conviction or social group.


If you do not have legal residence, a country can deport you. You will be sent back to your country of origin or to another country where you can legally reside.

Public prosecutor

This is the Belgian authority in the courts that prosecutes crimes and requests a specific punishment from the judge.