You don't live in a reception centre and need medical aid

If, as an asylum seeker, you are not staying in a reception centre, you can still get medical assistance.

visit to a doctor

What is medical assistance?


  • A visit to the GP if you are ill
  • A visit to the dentist if you have tooth pain
  • A medical examination at the doctor's request (ultrasound, X-ray, scan)
  • In some cases surgery and rehabilitation (e.g. physiotherapy)
  • Medication on doctor's prescription (pharmacist)
  • Other medical visits 

You first need to submit an application with the Fedasil Medical Costs Unit before you seek medical assistance. 

How do you ask for medical assistance?

A few days before your visit to the doctor, hospital or pharmacist, you (or your doctor) must submit an application to the Fedasil Medical Costs Unit via the online form (in English, French or Dutch).

Fedasil will examine whether it will repay the costs.

If Fedasil agrees to pay the medical expenses, you will receive a requisitorium by email.

You take the requisitorium to the doctor, hospital or pharmacist.

After your visit Fedasil will pay the medical costs.

Did you receive a medical invoice at home while Fedasil is responsible?


If you receive a medical invoice (including reminders or letters from bailiffs) at home, you should send these letters to Fedasil at the following address as soon as possible:

         Medical Costs Unit 

          Kartuizersstraat 21

          1000 Brussels

  •  Include the requisitorium that accompanied the invoice. 
  • If the doctor's appointment was made urgently and it was not possible to request a requisitorium in advance, please add your national number or OV/SP number. You find the national number or OV/SP number on the documents (annex 26) you received from the Immigration Office.  

Fedasil will investigate whether it will refund the costs.

Do you want to be reimbursed because you paid the costs directly?

For any request for reimbursement of medical expenses, Fedasil must have the following documents: 

  • Original invoice or a duplicate
  • Proof of payment of the invoice
  • Copy of the bank card. If the bank card is not in the patient's name, a letter from the applicant agreeing to the reimbursement to the specified account number must be attached.
  • The requisitorium or your personal details (national number or OV/SP number if the appointment is urgent and it was not possible to submit an application in advance).
  • Send these documents to Fedasil at the following address: 

          Medical Costs Unit

          Kartuizersstraat 21

         1000 Brussels

Fedasil will investigate whether they will refund the costs.

More information about medical assistance?

Fedasil Medical Costs Unit

Available by phone Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm.
02/213 43 00 (NL)
02/213 43 25 (FR)
Address: Kartuizersstraat 21, 1000 Brussels

A question about your situation in Belgium? 
At the Fedasil Info Point you can ask questions about legal matters, your asylum procedure, work, education and training, administrative procedures, return assistance, medical and psychological assistance and material support.

You cannot ask for a reception place there, for this you have to register on the waiting list for reception.

Opening hours

Monday     9 am - 12 pm

Tuesday    9 am - 12 pm

Wednesday      closed 

Thursday   9 am - 12 pm

Friday        9 am - 12 pm

Saturday          closed

Sunday            closed


Urgent medical assistance

Do you need urgent medical assistance? Go to the Refugee Medical Point in Brussels. Doctors, nurses and psychologists on site will help you with your medical problems. 

Opening hours
Monday       9 am - 4 pm
Tuesday      9 am - 4 pm
Wednesday 9 am - 4 pm
Thursday     9 am - 2 pm
Friday          9 am - 4 pm
Saturday          closed
Sunday            closed

Address: Boulevard de Waterloo 125, 1000 Brussels

Do you need urgent help, or are you in danger? Call the emergency number 101 or 112.