You live in a reception centre and need medical aid

Asylum seekers may request the assistance of a doctor.

If your health condition requires it, you can ask to see a nurse or doctor. In the reception centres, there is a medical team and you can make an appointment with them. If there is no doctor in your reception location, you will be given the name of the doctor where you can go.

You do not have to pay for the doctor's or nurse's appointment, unless you choose to go to a doctor other than the one at the centre. You also receive the necessary medicine free of charge. The doctor may decide to refer you to a hospital or a specialist doctor.

Doctors and nurses check to see if you have any contagious diseases (such as tuberculosis). You also receive the necessary vaccinations.

Pregnant women, babies and small children receive special medical care. You can receive assistance by contacting the ONE (French-speaking part of the country) or Kind & Gezin (Flemish part of the country).

Medical file

All information about your health is collected in a medical file. You can consult or request a copy of your file. If you change reception location, your medical file is sent to the new reception location.

Medical information is protected by professional secrecy: the medical team cannot communicate this information without your consent, unless your life is in danger.