Your personal interview at the CGRS

During the personal interview, you explain why you left your country of origin.

Video: preparation for the second interview

The interview at the CGRS (CGRA/CGVS) is a very important stage in your procedure for international protection. During this interview, you explain in detail why you left home and why you are applying for protection in Belgium. It is important to tell the truth!

How to prepare well for this interview?

We advise you to prepare for your interview, with the help of your lawyer, your social worker, or an association. Prepare all documents that can be used as proof.

During the interview, the official of the CGRS will ask you questions. The interview may last several hours.

Video: the second interview

You must tell the truth and do everything you can to prove your identity, your origin, and your journey to Belgium.

If you have given false information at any stage of the procedure (e.g. about your identity or background), there is still time to tell the truth during the interview. It's in your interest.

If you have received documents that are not yet in your dossier, you can forward them to the CGRS or bring them with you to the interview.

If necessary, an interpreter will translate the questions of the official from the CGRS. He or she will also translate your answers. The interpreter is appointed by the CGRS and must respect the secrecy of this interview.

If, after this interview, the CGRS (CGRA/CGVS) needs to question you again, it will send you a new invitation.

The official of the CGRS will take notes while you talk. You have the right to receive a copy of these notes, to check with your lawyer to see if what is being noted is correct.

You can send your remarks to the CGRS. Ask advice from your lawyer.