Paid work and contribution for reception

Have you found paid work? Congratulations! You may have to contribute for your accommodation at the reception centre. Talk about it with your social worker.

You have a job and live in a reception centre or local reception initiative (CPAS/OCMW)

  • If you work, you are obliged to inform your social worker about your employment contract, your working hours and your pay slip.
  • If you earn more than 265 euros per month, you must participate in paying to stay in the reception centre. It is stated like this in Belgian law.
Rules for residents who work

How much salary should you contribute?

  • Every three months, Fedasil checks whether you have worked. If you have not paid then you have to pay 50% of your gross salary after the check.
  • If you self-declare each month and say how much you earned, you will pay much less. Do you want to know how much it is? Calculate it with the simulator.
  • If you do not want to pay, Fedasil will ask you to leave the reception centre.
How declare paid work?

How do you declare paid work?

You make your declaration in the month following the month you worked. For example, in July you declare your work from June. 

The first time, you must register with your personal data: name, date of birth, email address and national number (11 digits).

After registration, fill in the monthly declaration form with your net salary and gross salary for the previous month.

After the declaration, you will receive an email with a payment invitation from Fedasil.

You work and want to leave the reception centre/local reception initiative

  • You can also decide to leave the reception centre yourself and find your own accommodation. If you work, you will not have to hand over salary to Fedasil. Talk about this with your social worker.
  • When you earn enough money and have a stable employment contract, you can permanently leave the reception centre. Fedasil needs to end your code 207 for this purpose. If necessary, you can go to the OCMW/CPAS and ask for financial assistance. Talk about this with your social worker.
  • Are you moving to a private address? Notify asylum services of your new address using the 'changing address' form.