Travelling abroad during the procedure

During your asylum procedure, you cannot travel abroad. Once you have been granted refugee status, you can travel again, but not to your country of origin.

Travelling during the asylum procedure is not permitted

As an applicant for international protection you cannot leave Belgium during your procedure. After all, you do not have a residence permit. Your immatriculation certificate does not give you the possibility to travel within Europe.

However, you can decide at any time to stop the asylum procedure in order to return to your country of origin. Fedasil helps you organise your return, and pays for your flight.

Travelling as a recognised refugee

If you are recognised as a refugee or you have received subsidiary protection, then you can once again travel abroad.

As a refugee, you cannot travel to your country of origin. If you do travel to your country of origin, Belgium can revoke your refugee status. You will then lose your rights within Europe.

Which documents do you need to travel?

  • a valid electronic foreign national card
  • a travel document for refugees (blue passport).

Applying for a blue passport

You can apply for a passport at the municipality or city where you are registered.

You need the following documents to apply for your passport:

  • your electronic foreign national card
  • a passport photo which meets the photo requirements for passports
  • proof of family composition (ask the municipality)

Sometimes, additional permission is necessary (a visa) to travel to certain countries. Find out if you need a visa for the country you want to travel to.

Do you want to return to your country of origin?

Go to the 'returns' desks of Fedasil

Or call the freephone number 0800 32 745