Medical regularisation

You are seriously ill and you cannot be treated in your country of origin. You can apply for medical regularisation to stay in Belgium. Regularisation is an exceptional procedure.

To obtain a medical regularisation (9ter) in Belgium, you must

Procedure for medical regularisation: step-by-step plan

  1. You send your application and medical certificate by registered mail to the Immigration Office.
  2. The Immigration Office checks whether your application is complete. The Immigration Office also checks whether you are eligible for regularisation. This is the admissibility phase.
  • Your application is admissible: you can stay in Belgium for the duration of the further investigation.
  • Your application is inadmissible: you receive a negative decision.

3. The Immigration Office examines your application, this is the ‘merits’ phase.

  • Your application is justified: you will be granted a temporary right of residence.
  • Your application is not justified: you receive a negative decision.

If, as an applicant for international protection, you are staying in a reception centre or accommodation from the OCMW/CPAS and you apply for medical regularisation (9ter), this can affect your right to reception. 

Talk about this with your social worker.