Worries due to problems or tensions

If you are unhappy due to worries, quarrels or difficulties in your family, there are services that can help you. Talk about your problems.

Relationship problems with your partner or children

If you have difficulties with your children or your partner, you can contact a counsellor who will listen to you and try to help. The counsellor has a duty of professional confidentiality: he or she will not pass on any information without your permission.

  • If you live in Flanders or Brussels, you can discuss your problems with the Centra voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW) (Centres for General Social Work) or the Centra voor Integrale gezinszorg (CIG) (Centres for Integral Family Care).
  • There are also services with persons of trust in Wallonia. Your social worker in the reception centre, or in the CPAS of your municipality, can help you further.

Financial problems or debts

If you have financial problems or debts, you can contact the Debt mediation service, which will help you find solutions. The Debt mediation service can be found at the CPAS of your municipality or city.

Violence in a relationship

Violence is not tolerated in Belgium. If you are the victim of domestic violence, you must alert a person of trust or a counsellor.

  • If you are staying in a reception centre, talk about your problems with your social worker or with a person of trust within the centre.
  • If you are not staying in a reception centre, you can ask for help from the CPAS of your municipality or a CAW in your region. Or call the freephone number 1712.
  • You can chat with a social worker in your own language via the Access website: www.we-access.eu/chat-with-us
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