The municipality

The municipality has various responsibilities: organising schools and childcare, building roads, maintaining parks, collecting waste ... The municipality, the CPAS/OCMW and the police together form the local administration.

As a resident of Belgium, you are registered in the city or municipality where you live.

Responsibilities of the municipality or city

The municipality or city has various responsibilities for its inhabitants. The most important of these are:

  • organising schools and childcare
  • providing social support for inhabitants (CPAS)
  • building roads
  • collecting waste
  • collecting municipal taxes
  • ensuring security (police)
  • registering inhabitants in the municipality
  • issuing driving licences and residence permits
  • concluding marriages
  • registering births
  • providing libraries and sports infrastructure
  • maintaining parks and forests

Municipal hall

Every municipality or city has a municipal hall or city hall. The municipal hall is usually located in the middle of the municipality. In the municipal hall there is a desk of the Civil Affairs Office where you can request documents for your residency in Belgium: residence documents, registration in the municipality, change of address, birth certificates, driving licences, etc.

Do you need to visit the Civil Affairs Office, but you don't speak good Dutch or French? Bring an adult family member or friend who can translate for you.

Do you need more information or help?

Do you have a question about a document or about your stay in Belgium?

  • Visit or make an appointment with the Civil Affairs Office of the municipality where you reside.
  • Each municipality and city has its own website with useful information (telephone numbers, opening hours).