The police

The police ensure security and order in Belgium. If residents need help, they can always call the police.

Police officers

The tasks of the police

The police perform the following essential tasks:

  • Ensuring security and traffic control
  • Tackling and preventing criminality
  • Providing assistance to the public
  • Ensuring that all inhabitants (Belgians and foreign nationals) respect the law

Emergency numbers

If you require urgent police assistance, call the freephone emergency number 101.

Do you urgently require an ambulance or the fire service? Call 112.

  • Do you want to talk to the police or report something? Call the police, or go to your nearest police station. There is a police station in every municipality.

Don't be afraid of the police

If you respect the law, you don't need to be afraid of the police.

  • Police officers will never simply arrest or detain you.
  • You can always approach them on the street to ask for help.
  • If you have been robbed, injured or assaulted, go to the police.
  • The police officers will help you trace the perpetrators.