Having my diploma recognised in Flanders

Do you have a foreign diploma? NARIC Flanders recognises foreign diplomas for people wishing to work or study in Flanders.

To continue your studies in Flanders or Brussels, contact a university or college directly.

How to have your diploma recognised?

You can choose between two different procedures:

1. Level recognition: NARIC makes a decision on the level of your foreign diploma.

  • To find out with which Flemish education level your foreign diploma is comparable (e.g. secondary education, higher vocational education, bachelor or master).
  • To apply for a given job.
  • There is no corresponding higher education course in Flanders.
  • If you do not (or no longer) have the study programme of your course.

2. Specific recognition: NARIC makes a decision on the specific Flemish diploma with which your foreign diploma is equivalent.

  • If you wish to practise a regulated profession in Belgium, for example: doctor, nurse, architect, accountant, etc.). To access a regulated profession, you must also apply for professional recognition from another body.
  • If you want to use a protected title, for example industrial engineer, commercial engineer, civil engineer, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, architect, midwife, social worker.
  •  If recognition with a specific study certificate is necessary to practise a given job.
  • If you apply for recognition for a doctoral degree.

Which documents?

Which documents you have to provide to NARIC depends on the procedure. For a specific recognition, you need more documents than for a level recognition. If your documents are not in Dutch, French, English or German, you also need to add a translation.

The costs?

Applying for the equivalence of your diploma is free of charge for people who, at the time of the application:

  • are applicants for international protection
  • are recognised refugees or have received subsidiary protection
  • receive a larger contribution and can prove this with a certificate from the health insurance fund
  • receive a living wage from the CPAS/OCMW or social assistance equal to a living wage
  • have an integration contract of less than three years old
  • are jobseekers and are sent by the VDAB or ACTIRIS