The health of your baby or toddler

Belgium has a free service that monitors the health of all children under the age of 3. You can also ask questions about your pregnancy, the development of your child, and raising him or her.

You can come for free consultation with your child (between 0 months and 3 years old) in the offices of Kind & Gezin (Flanders and Brussels) or ONE (Wallonia and Brussels). These agencies will also support you if you are pregnant.

The staff of Kind en Gezin sometimes also hold consultations in the reception centre.

What happens during a consultation?

  • Volunteers measure and weigh your child.
  • A doctor or nurse examines your child.
  • In the first weeks after the birth, nurses will check whether your baby's hearing is good.
  • Between 12 and 24 months, doctors or nurses will check whether your child's eyesight is good.
  • Your child will receive the necessary vaccinations.
  • You can ask questions about nutrition, education, safety and health.

Is your child sick?

If your child is sick, you must go to a doctor and not to a health agency.