You do not live in a reception centre

If you do not stay in a reception centre during the examination of your asylum application, you will not receive any financial support. You do have the right to medical assistance.

For the period that Belgium examines your application for international protection, you will receive accommodation in a reception place, which is often a reception centre of Fedasil or the Red Cross. The Belgian government pays for your food and accommodation.

It is possible that you do not stay in a reception centre (code 207 "No Show") because

  • You choose not to live in a reception centre: you have your own place of residence or you can go to family or friends. You therefore live at a private address.
  • Fedasil did not provide you with a reception place: you are not entitled to a reception place.

What support do you receive if you, as an asylum seeker, do not live in a reception centre?

  • You have to provide your own food and maintenance
  • You have to provide your own financial support
  • You do have the right to medical assistance

Are you moving house? Inform the asylum services.

Are you moving to another private address? Make sure you send your new address to the asylum services (IO and CGRS) by using the form.

A question about your situation in Belgium? 
At the Fedasil Info Point you can ask questions about legal matters, your asylum procedure, work, education and training, administrative procedures, return assistance, medical and psychological assistance and material support.

You cannot ask for a reception place there, for this you have to register on the waiting list for reception.

Fedasil Info Point

The Fedasil Info Point is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Rue Héger-Bordet 3, 1000 Brussels

T: 0800 32 746  (from 1 pm to 4 pm)