Participating in activities

Asylum seekers can participate in activities, both inside and outside the reception centre.

Dutch classes in the reception centre


Your reception centre can give you information about the activities organised in and around the centre. Cultural trips are often organised. For children, activities are planned when they are not in school (Wednesday afternoons, weekends). Activities are also planned on special days (Belgium's national holiday, certain religious holidays, etc.).

Your reception centre organises activities inside and outside the buildings. There are activities for adults (men and women) and for children when they are not in school.


The reception centres often have a small sports room. You can also join a sports club near your reception location (football is the most popular sport in Belgium). Your reception location also organises trips to the swimming pool, or walks.

Internet and reading

You can access a computer and a Wi-Fi zone. There are also many libraries in Belgium. In the reception centres, you can find books in various languages.

Meeting neighbours

The reception centres organise activities to which neighbours are also invited. There are many different types of activities: days of exchange, neighbourhood parties, sports meets, etc. These are the occasions to meet the neighbours of the centre.

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