LGBTQAI+ and applications for international protection

Do you fear persecution in your country of origin because of your sexual orientation or gender identity? You can apply for international protection.

As an LGBTQIA+ person, you belong to a vulnerable group. The CGRS (CGRA/CGVS) takes this into account when handling your application for international protection.

Interview by a man or woman

During the interview with the protection officer of the CGRS, it is important that you talk about the difficulties from which you, as a LGBTQI person have fled.

Do you find it difficult to tell your story to a man or a woman? On the IO questionnaire, you can fill in whether you would like an interview with a male or female protection officer and interpreter. The CGRS will try to accommodate your request. Ask your social worker to help in this respect.

Presenting proof

Before the interview, make sure you collect as much information and documents as possible, regarding

The protection officer will investigate the credibility of your sexual orientation based on your declarations and evidence. The CGRS does not accept photographs or videos of sexual acts as evidence. The protection officer will also investigate whether your fear for persecution in your country of origin is justified.