The Belgian government is neutral

In Belgium, there are rules that apply to all inhabitants, and these are laws. There is no state religion that imposes rules.


Belgium is a democratic country, which means that the government must be neutral. The Belgian government treats all citizens equally and with the same respect, regardless of:

  • Whether they are male or female
  • Their religion
  • Their ideology
  • Their preference for a community or political party
  • Their sexual orientation or gender identity

Belgian law

Laws are voted on in Parliament. In Belgium there is no state religion, so the rules are not determined by the Bible, Koran, Torah or other religious regulations.

The Belgian Constitution guarantees

  • the independence of the government with respect to religions.
  • religious freedom and freedom of expression (with due observance of the law)

Government employees will often not wear religious/ideological clothing or symbols (headscarf, crucifixes) during work. 

In Belgium, it is prohibited to wear clothing which covers the face (e.g. a niqab or burqa) in public.