Water safety

In the summer it is hot in Belgium and people seek refreshment in the water. Only swim where there is a lifeguard present and do not go into the water if you cannot swim.  

Where can you swim?

  • Swimming pools
  • Supervised swimming areas at sea
  • Supervised swimming and recreation areas

Do not swim where swimming is forbidden (rivers, canals, shipping channels). Only swim in water where there is a lifeguard supervising.

Keep it safe in the water

  • Look after small children. Stay with children when they swim or play in the water.
  • Do not go into the water deeper than hip height if you cannot swim properly.
  • Never swim alone. Even if you can swim well, you may get into trouble.

Swimming in a pond can be dangerous

  • The bottom is often uneven, sometimes the water gets deeper unexpectedly
  • Cold water can cause cramps
  • Watch out for sharp objects in the water
  • Never dive in shallow water or water with low visibility

Swimming in the sea can be dangerous

  • Strong currents can take you by surprise
  • Always stay between the yellow buoys
  • Stay away from breakwaters in the sea 

Pay attention to the colour of the flag

Infographic 'water safety'
  • Green flag: you may swim
  • Yellow flag: you may swim, but floating and inflatable objects are not allowed in the water
  • Red flag: no swimming 

Learn to swim

In every swimming pool in Belgium swimming lessons are organised for children under 12. Your child will also learn to swim through school. After a series of lessons and if your child can swim sufficiently, your child receives a swimming diploma. 
Children over 12 and adults can also learn to swim in the swimming pool. 

Learn to swim