Reception in a foster family

As an unaccompanied minor, you usually live together with other young people in a small group or in a reception centre. But perhaps you can live with a family or acquaintance who is already living in Belgium, or with a Belgian family. That is called reception in a foster family.

A family is the best place for children to grow up. As an unaccompanied minor, you can also ask to live with a foster family.

A foster family is a family that you live with temporarily. But a foster family can also be someone with whom you already have a connection, for example your aunt, uncle or brother who already live in Belgium.

If you want to live with a family or someone instead of in a reception centre, be sure to tell your guardian and your supervisors. 

They will help you find a safe place to live. Searching for a foster family is not easy and can sometimes take a long time.

What is life like with a foster family?

  • You live together with one person or a family
  • Your foster parents are responsible for you, you can go to them with all your problems.
  • You go to school and learn the language.
  • You do activities together with your foster family and make friends.
  • Your guardian comes to visit.

Contact with your biological family

If you live with a foster family temporarily, this does not mean that you have to break the bond with your biological parents. You can keep in touch with your parent(s), even if you live in a foster family.

If you don't know where your parents or other family members are and if you want to find out, your foster parent(s) and guardian(s) will help you find your parents or other family members.