Internet, WiFi and telephone calls

To make telephone calls and browse the internet with your smartphone, you need a SIM card. In many places in Belgium, you have free WiFi access.

SIM card

Where can I buy a SIM card?

You can buy a SIM card on the internet, in a provider shop or in a supermarket in Belgium. To make telephone calls and browse the internet, you can choose between a subscription (postpaid) or a SIM card (prepaid). For a subscription, you have to pay a monthly fee. If you do not cancel the subscription, it will be automatically renewed.

The main providers in Belgium are Base, Scarlet, Proximus, Telenet, Lycamobile, Orange, etc.

If you buy a SIM card in Belgium, online or in the shop, the provider will ask you to register your SIM card and give proof of identify. To prove your identity you need a valid identity document, for example your immatriculation certificate (orange card).  

Where can I find free WiFi?

In the arrival centre and in most reception centres of Fedasil, there is a free WiFi hotspot. There is also often an internet café where you can access the internet with a computer from the reception centre.

In many public places in Belgium (libraries, coffee bars, cafés, shops), you will find WiFi, which you can log on for free.

Often you first have to log in with a code, which is displayed in the room.

Free WiFi

Internet subscription for your home

If you have wireless internet installed in your home, you will get WiFi at home. You can use this WiFi on a laptop, a computer or a smartphone in your home.

Connections for the internet cost a lot of money. 

You pay the provider once for the installation, for the subscription you pay a fixed amount each month.