Cycling in Belgium

If you don't need to go far, cycling is a cheap and quick solution for getting around.

Where can you cycle?

  • You always need to ride on the cycle path. You can recognise a cycle path by the intermittent road markings, the red colour of the path, or the cycle sign.
  • If there is no cycle path, you can always cycle to the right of the street.
  • Only children are allowed to cycle on the pavement.

Cycling on motorways is illegal. This is for your safety!


When cycling, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Always use cycle lights when cycling in the dark.
  • Wear a helmet and a fluorescent vest.
  • Always watch out for cars when you turn off.
  • When you turn off, you must first stick out your arm in the direction you wish to turn off.
  • Do not drink any alcohol if cycling.
  • You must not use your mobile phone on your bike to make calls or send text messages.
  • Children are not allowed on the luggage rack, they need to be in a special seat attached to the bike.

Bike lock

When parking your bike, always lock it with a chain or a bike lock. Bikes are often stolen in Belgium!

Your bike must be roadworthy

In order to cycle legally, your bike must be roadworthy.

  • a bell
  • strong brakes at the front and rear
  • a white or yellow light in the front and a red light at the rear
  • a white reflector at the front and a red reflector at the rear
  • reflectors on the pedals
  • reflectors in the wheels or tyres, with a reflective edge