Work as a volunteer

As an applicant for international protection, you may work as a volunteer. This is a good way to meet new people, learn the language and gain new experiences.

Performing volunteer work does not give any right to residency in Belgium.

What is volunteer work?

If you help others without personal gain, on a voluntary basis and without making money, then this is called voluntary work. As a volunteer

  • You do not earn any money. You will sometimes get a small volunteer fee
  • You do work outside your family or friend circle
  • You do not have an employment contract. You can however ask for a volunteer's contract.

Examples of volunteer work:

  • helping children with their school work
  • training young people at a sports club
  • supporting older people or people with disabilities
  • helping an organisation with a concert or activity.

It is possible that the organisation for whom you are doing volunteer work will pay for your bus, tram or train ticket.


Who can work as a volunteer?

  • You must be at least 15 years old.
  • You have submitted an application for international protection
  • Or you are entitled to reception (you stay in a reception centre)

Do you need help?

Tell your social worker that you want to do volunteer work.

Video Volunteering. Click on 'cc' to change the language of the subtitles