Visiting the doctor

When you visit a doctor, you can trust him or her and tell them about any pain or problems. A doctor is obliged to keep what you say during your visit confidential.

Doctor and patient


Doctors are obliged to keep what you tell them during your visit confidential. They may not pass on any information, not even to the government or to your family members. If you do however want the doctor to pass on information about you, you must expressly tell the doctor.

The explanation of the doctor

You can tell the doctor anything: about pain or problems with your body, but also about your worries and reasons why you don't feel well. The doctor will examine you and describe his or her observations. The doctor needs to explain to you in detail what he or she thinks the problem is, and what solutions there are.

If you cannot understand the doctor, you must inform them. The doctor will find an interpreter who will translate the explanation for you. 

You can also take along an adult person of trust who can translate for you.