Student Guidance Centres

Every recognised school in Flanders works together with a Student Guidance Centre (CLB/PMS). Parents and students can go there free of charge with questions about learning, education and health.

Doctors, psychologists and nurses work in the Student Guidance Centres. They help children with medical, psychological or social needs.


The CLB/PMS ensures that all children at school receive the necessary vaccinations against illness. A doctor or nurse will check the eyesight, hearing, back and weight of the children.

Medical consultations and vaccinations are free of charge and take place during school hours (at the age of 3, 6, 9, 11 and 14). As a parent, you will receive a report or a message regarding these consultations.

Learning and studying

The CLB/PMS also helps children who have difficulty learning or studying. They help children with exercises and also refer them to special education if the child needs more help and cannot attend an ordinary school. You can also contact the CLB/PMS regarding the choice of studies.

Psychological and social well-being

The CLB/PMS helps children who are not happy at school or at home, or children who have problems (drug use, depression, abuse, bullying, etc.). Psychologists talk with the children and look for solutions, together with the school and the parents.

Do you need more information or help?

Your child's school is the first point of contact. The school can generally help you or your child. The school will sometimes call on the help of the CLB/PMS.