Coronavirus measures

Wash your hands with soap and do not touch other people. That way, you will reduce the chance of getting infected or infecting others with the new coronavirus.  

What is the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a disease which is very similar to the flu. The virus causes respiratory complaints, coughing and fever. Most people recover from the virus. For older people and people with lung, heart or kidney problems, the virus can be dangerous.

The coronavirus is transmitted between people. When an infected person coughs or exhales, the virus is spread through small droplets from the nose or mouth. An infected person can also pass on the virus through hand contact.

Measures against the coronavirus

The arrival centre in Brussels is only open by appointment

Due to the coronavirus, the Immigration Office has temporarily adapted the registration of asylum applications. You must first make an appointment online. Complete the online form (in Dutch or French) on the website of the Immigration Office: 

The Immigration Office will then send you a confirmation e-mail with an appointment (date and time) to register your asylum application at the arrival centre in Brussels.

The offices of the CGRS and Immigration Office are closed
The interviews at CGRS (CGVS/CGRA) and the Immigration Office (DVZ/OE) have been cancelled for the time being. 

At the reception centre
From 18 March there is a ban on assembly in Belgium:

  • Stay as much as possible in the reception centre (or home)
  • Avoid all contact with other people outside your family 
  • Only essential movements (to buy food, go to the pharmacy) are allowed
  • Outdoor activities (walking, cycling) are allowed, but only in company of your family or 1 friend 
  • Always keep a 1.5-metre distance from other people (social distancing)

If you do not follow these rules (ban on assembly), you can receive a fine.

Protect yourself against the coronavirus during your stay at the reception centre:

  • Wash your hands several times a day with soap
  • Cough or sneeze into a paper tissue or into your elbow
  • Use paper tissues and discard them in a rubbish bin with a lid
  • Do not touch your face
  • Do not touch other people
  • Avoid contact with people who are ill
  • Keep a 1.5-metre distance

If you are ill in the reception centre:

  • Remain in your room
  • Do not touch other people
  • Call the doctor, the medical service or your social worker
  • Wait until the doctor or nurse comes to see you

If the doctor thinks you are infected with the coronavirus, then you must remain in your room as much as possible until you have recovered (7 days on average). You will only receive care at a hospital if you are seriously ill.