Learning French

French languages classes for adults

  • You cannot yet read Latin characters (well)
    • You can follow the class 'Alphabetisation' ('oral' or 'écrit') in small groups.
  • You can already read Latin characters
    • You can follow the class "Français langue étrangère" (FLE).

Enrolling for a language class

  • To find the right course, someone from the language centre will schedule a meeting with you. This person will ask questions about which languages you already know, which diplomas you have, why you would like to learn the language, whether you have a lot of time or not much... You will sometimes need to take a test to ascertain your language skills.
  • After the interview and the test, the language centre will propose a course.

How much do language classes cost?

Applicants for international protection do not have to pay enrolment fees in some language centres, or only very little. You need to pay more in other centres. Ask your social worker which costs you have to pay before enrolling.