The examination of your application

After your interview, the CGRS (CGRA/CGVS) will check the information and documents you have given. The CGRS will then take a decision on your application for protection.

The official of the CGRS will check whether:

The officials of the CGRS who examine your application are specialists in asylum. They know the situation in your country of origin very well. They receive a lot of information on the political situation, human rights and security in your country.

How long do I need to wait for a decision of the CGRS?

The CGRS examines your application for asylum in detail. The CGRS tries to make a decision as quickly as possible, i.e. in less than 6 months. In some cases, the decision can be made much faster (in less than 15 days).

Sometimes, analysing your application takes a long time. The CGRS has a maximum of 21 months to decide.

What decision can I receive?

The CGRS can take a positive or negative decision:

If you receive a negative decision, you can submit an appeal against this decision.