You want to stop your asylum application

You may decide to stop the application procedure for international protection.

Some people want to stop their application procedure for international protection, without waiting for the decision of the CGRS (CGRA/CGVS). Why? Because there is no longer any problem in their country and they want to return there, or because they have received a residence permit in Belgium (family reunification, regularisation, etc).


How to stop the procedure?

If you no longer wish to apply for protection from Belgium, you must notify the CGRS. You are the only person who can stop your procedure. Your lawyer or another person cannot decide on your behalf. 

You have to fill in a document from the CGRS. Ask help from your social worker or your lawyer to obtain the document and to fill it in. Also ask them about the consequences on your residence in Belgium.

When the CGRS receives the document, it immediately stops the application procedure for protection.

Consequences of the Dublin procedure
Please note: If you stop your application for international protection in Belgium and then submit an application in another country that is a member of the European Union, the rules of the Dublin procedure apply.This means that Belgium remains responsible for processing your application for international protection. In principle, the other European country will return you to Belgium.