End of subsidiary protection

The CGRS (CGVS/CGRA) can end your subsidiary protection. This can be done by cancelling or revoking your status.

Ending your status

The CGRS can decide to end subsidiary protection when the circumstances that gave rise to the status no longer exist or have changed to such an extent that they are no longer necessary. This is also possible when protection is no longer needed because of your own behaviour.

Revoking your status

The CGRS can decide to revoke your subsidiary protection when the status should never have been given. This is possible if:

  • You committed a crime in your country of origin.
  • You gave false declarations or documents during the interview.
  • Your behaviour indicates that you do not run any real risk of serious harm.
  • You should have been excluded from protection


You can appeal against the decision of the CGRS with the CALL (RvV/CCE). During the appeal procedure, you cannot be forcibly removed from the territory.