Being on time and waiting your turn

In Belgium, it is very important to arrive on time. Belgians also expect you to wait your turn, if you have to wait.

Arrive on time for an appointment

In Belgium, it is very important to arrive on time. If you arrive late, that is disrespectful for the other person, as you made them wait.

If you think you will arrive late, you should notify the other person in advance. You can call or send an SMS, for instance. This is important for your appointments in the reception centre, at work, with the school, at the municipality and also with friends.

If you arrive late, the person with whom you had an appointment may no longer want to help you or talk to you at that moment. 

They often already have an appointment with someone else. You then need to make a new appointment.

Waiting in line

Check opening times

Almost all services in the municipality, the CPAS or the reception centre have opening times. You can only access these services when they are open. You cannot simply walk in and out of these services, outside these hours. The people who work there are then doing other tasks (administration, meetings, calls).

Waiting your turn

If you have to wait your turn, it is customary in Belgium to form a queue or take a ticket with a number. When you arrive, you must join the back of the queue. Don't push in front, or shove people.

Certain services, such as the municipality, hospital or post office, work with a ticket system.

When you arrive you must first take a ticket with a number. There is a sign in the waiting room where the numbers appear. It is only your turn when your number appears on the board.