Coronavirus: testing and contact tracing

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, it is important to know quickly who is infected with the coronavirus and with whom the infected person has recently had contact.

If you are ill, with symptoms of the coronavirus, a doctor or nurse will test you for the virus. If the result of the test is positive, it is important to know who you have had contact with.

Contact tracing
The contact tracing is done over the phone by an employee of the Belgian government. If you are staying at a reception centre, the contact tracing will be done together with an employee of the reception centre.

Together, you will draw up a list of the names of all the people with whom you have recently had contact. Think of the people you met from 2 days before you had the symptoms, for example your own family members, a friend you went for a walk with, colleagues or supervisors.

The government employee will call your contacts (those with whom you have been in contact) and advise them on the precautions they should take.

How will you be contacted?

The government employee will contact you by phone (number 02 214 14 19), SMS (number 8811), letter or e-mail.

Are you not understanding the questions? Ask for help from your social assistant or an employee of the reception centre.

It is important for public health that you co-operate with the contact tracing. This way, you can help to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Protection of your data

The government employee will handle the information you provide in confidence.

  • The information you provide will only be used to give advice to your contacts.
  • Only the government health service will have access to your contact list, not your work, family, school, police or other government services.
  • The contacts on your list will not hear your name. You will remain anonymous.
  • The person calling your contacts is sworn to secrecy. Your data will be stored in a secure government database.
  • The information you provide will not be used to verify your compliance with the measures. The information is not shared with the police or other control services.